Questões de Concursos Inglês

  • Questão 18920.   Inglês - Nível Superior - EsFCEx - EB - 2014

  • Choose the alternative that best completes the sentence below.

    Lucy rented _______ yellow car about ________ hour ago and lent it to_________ students.
  • Questão 4359.   Inglês - Nível Superior - Petrobrás - CESGRANRIO - 2012

  • Texto anexado à questão Texto anexado à questão
  • In Text I, according to the answers to the third question in the interview,
  • Questão 48476.   Inglês - Nível Superior - MCT - CESPE - 2012

  •      A pair of new technologies could reduce the cost of capturing carbon dioxide from coal plants and help utilities comply with existing and proposed environmental regulations, including requirements to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. Both involve burning coal in the presence of pure oxygen rather than air, which is mostly nitrogen. The basic idea of burning fossil fuels in pure oxygen is not new. The drawback is that it is more expensive than conventional coal plant technology, because it requires additional equipment to separate oxygen and nitrogen. The new technologies attempt to offset at least some of this cost by improving efficiency and reducing capital costs in other areas of a coal plant.
    Internet: <> (adapted).
    According to the text, it can be concluded that

    conventional coal plants are not equipped to separate oxygen from nitrogen.
  • Questão 18919.   Inglês - Nível Superior - EsFCEx - EB - 2014

  • Complete the passage below with the correct form of the verb in parentheses.Then choose the correct alternative.
    Name a celebrity and Naomi Stein _______ probably ______________(1) them. She_______________(2) famous for her photos of John Lennon and The Rolling Stones.
    Her new book, The Female Gaze ___________________(3) a hundred intimate portraits of different types of women. Last night Dave Weich_____________(4) Naomi in New York, where she _______________(5) tohim four of her favorite photographs.
  • Questão 47669.   Inglês - Nível Superior - Prefeitura de Biguaçu SC - UNISUL - 2016

  • Which of the following cannot be classified as a Language Approach?
  • Questão 21976.   Inglês - Nível Superior - AL PE - FCC - 2014

  • Texto anexado à questão Texto anexado à questão
  • Segundo o texto,
  • Questão 29734.   Inglês - Nível Médio - CODESP SP - VUNESP - 2011

  • Texto anexado à questão Texto anexado à questão
  • De acordo com o texto, uma das vantagens da tecnologia x2 é a
  • Questão 19213.   Inglês - Nível Médio - IME - EB - 2013

  • Not only _____________ his house, but his wife also walked out on him.
  • Questão 18460.   Inglês - Nível Superior - EEAR - FAB - 2014

  • Dont drink and ride

    Alcohol can increase your risk of being hurt in a car accident, even if you aren"t behind the wheel. A new University of Michigan study reports that men who have been drinking are 50 percent more likely to experience a serious injury during a car accident than sober passengers.

    The word “who", underlined in the text, can be replaced by