Simulado CIJUN - Inglês - Analista Administrativo Compras e Licitações - 2015

Categoria: Simulados | Questões: 3 | Disciplina: Inglês | Cargo: Analista Administrativo Compras e Licitações | Órgão: CIJUN

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  • 1 - Questão 24608.   Ensino Superior - RBO
  • Read the dialogues below:

    I- Do you know I’m working at Macy’s now?
        Oh, really? What do you do there?
         I work part-time as a cashier.

    II- Are you studying French this semester?
         Yes, I am enjoying the course so much!
         How often do you have classes?
         Twice a week.

    III- Where are you having lunch today?
           At Laguna’s. Are you usually going there?
           Yes, almost every day.

    IV- What do you do in your free time?
            I often go to the seaside.
           Are you going there this weekend?
           No, because I think it’s raining on Saturday.

    Choose the only possible option, according to the correct use of simple present and/or present continuous tense in the dialogues above:
  • 2 - Questão 24609.   Ensino Superior - RBO
  • Mark the sentence with the wrong position of the adverb:
  • 3 - Questão 24610.   Ensino Superior - RBO
  • Read the sentences below:

    I. The disadvantage OF working as an actor is that you can’t find a steady job.
    II. We have just received an invitation TO her wedding.
    III. The greatest difference BETWEEN both restaurants is their prices.
    IV. Would you like to come FOR a walk? V. She lost weight after she went ON a severe diet.

    Choose the only correct option, considering the use of correct prepositions:

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    Edgar dos Santos Mendonça Fonseca
  • Por edgar20162 em 28/09/2016 às 19:35:32
  • Parabéns, pela iniciativa e isto me estimula a me divertir respondendo os simulados e o máximo. Voces são nota 10.

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