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  • 1.  Questão 4357
  • According to Text I, when asked about their choice of the oil and gas industry,
  • a) all the interviewees pointed out the relevance of having a green job.

    b) all the women felt really committed to solving the nation’s energy problems.

    c) all the interviewees mentioned that the challenges of the field attracted them.

    d) just one of the women commented that she was attracted by the location of the job.

    e) no interviewee considered the salary an important factor for accepting the job.

  • 2.  Questão 4358
  • In Text I, using the interviewees’ experience, it can be said that getting a job in the O&G industry can result from all the following situations, EXCEPT
  • a) participating in a job fair.

    b) taking part in O&G Industry interviews.

    c) applying to specific job ads via internet sites.

    d) attending a university where major oil companies look for prospective employees.

    e) getting previous experience in an internship program with an O&G organization.

  • 3.  Questão 4359
  • In Text I, according to the answers to the third question in the interview,
  • a) Woman 1 implies that every day is the same for her, since she performs exactly the same tasks routinely.

    b) Woman 2 complains against her very boring schedule at the office, dealing with strictly technical issues.

    c) Woman 3 always works off hours and does not get involved with the operations in the field.

    d) Woman 4 has negotiations with the international branches and gets involved in commercial and technical issues.

    e) Woman 5 does not need to worry about preparing written materials nor deciding on last-minute technical issues at nights or on weekends.

  • 4.  Questão 4360
  • Based on the meanings of the words in Text I,
  • a) major (line 22) and "main" express opposite ideas.

    b) headquarters (line 40) could be substituted by "main office".

    c) smart (line 51) and "intelligent" are antonyms.

    d) enhance (line 66) and "reduce" express similar ideas.

    e) prospective (line 84) and "former" are synonyms.

  • 5.  Questão 4361
  • The sentence, in Text I, in which the boldfaced expression introduces an idea of addition is
  • a) “Although far fewer women work in the oil and gas (O&G) industry compared to men, many women find rewarding careers in the industry.” (lines 1-3)

    b) “I chose the oil and gas industry because of the challenging projects,” (lines 17-18)

    c) “Even though my Master’s thesis was more geared toward environmental studies,” (lines 31-32)

    d) “as well as other business relationships abroad.” (lines 76-77)

    e) “but there are times when I get calls at night or on weekends from a rig or other geologists for assistance with a technical problem.” (lines 91-94)

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