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  • Questão 9884.   Inglês - Nível Superior - Estudantes Universitários - SEE DF - CESPE - 2014
  •    Crossing the street while listening to an MP3 player may soon be illegal in New York. A law has been proposed in response to several deaths apparently caused by pedestrians stepping into traffic listening to iPods. The ban would also extend to other electronic devices including cell phones, video games and handheld email devices, and offenders would face a $ 100 fine.
          Pedestrians are getting so involved with what they are listening on their iPods that they don’t pay enough attention to the traffic, often with tragic consequences. According to some official information, many people are being killed as a result of stepping off the sidewalk in front of fast-moving vehicles. And most of the accidents can’t be avoided because the victims couldn’t even hear the warning because of the use of MP3.

            Mark Hancock & Annie McDonald. English result upper-intermediate. Oxford University Press. p. 103 (adapted).
    Judge the following items according to the text.

    Most of the people who were involved in the accidents mentioned in the text couldn’t hear the vehicles approaching because they were distracted by their MP3 players.
  • Questão 43088.   Inglês - Nível Médio - Soldado do Corpo de Bombeiro - Bombeiro Militar MG - FUNDEP - 2016
  • Texto anexado à questão Texto anexado à questão
  • Leonardo da Vinci was an inventive multi-genius. He devoted his attention to many different things during his life. According to the text, he was interested in all the following activities, EXCEPT:
  • Questão 21116.   Inglês - Nível Médio - Agente de Guarda Portuária - APSFS - IESES - 2014
  • O significado da seguinte frase “Charles used to work in a factory” é:
  • Questão 52837.   Inglês - Nível Médio - Aspirante da Polícia Militar - Polícia Militar PR - UFPR - 2018
  • Texto anexado à questão Texto anexado à questão
  • According to the text, it is correct to say that René Descartes:
  • Questão 18462.   Inglês - Nível Superior - Sargento da Aeronáutica - EEAR - FAB - 2014
  • Read the text and answer question 38.

    Dear Matthew, I was really upset to hear about your accident. It sounds terrible! You re lucky to have only one broken leg! Hope you re back on your feet soon!

    Love, Rachel

    We can infer that the text is a
  • Questão 19584.   Inglês - Nível Superior - Analista Administrativo - AMAZUL - CETRO - 2015
  • Texto anexado à questão Texto anexado à questão
  • Consider the verb tense in the following sentence taken from the text.

    “Nuclear-powered rocket concepts are not new.”

    Choose the alternative in which the extract is in the same verb tense as the one above.
  • Questão 52585.   Inglês - Nível Médio - Aspirante da Escola Naval - Escola Naval - MB - 2018
  • Doctor works to save youth from violence before they reach his ER

    As an emergency physician at Kings County Hospital Center [in Brooklyn], Dr. Rob Gore has faced many traumatic situations that he"d rather forget. But some moments stick with him. "Probably the worst thing that I"ve ever had to do is tell a 15-year-old"s mother that her son was killed," Gore said. "If I can"t keep somebody alive, I"ve failed." [...]
    "Conflict"s not avoidable. But violent conflict is," Gore said. "Seeing a lot of the traumas that take place at work, or in the neighborhood, you realize, "I don"t want this to happen anymore. What do we do about it?"
    For Gore, one answer is the “Kings Against Violence Initiative" - known as KAVI - which he started in 2009. Today, the nonprofit has anti-violence programs in the hospital, schools and broader community, serving more than 250 young people.
    Victims of violence are more likely to be reinjured, so the first place Gore wanted to work was in the hospital, with an intervention program in which "hospital responders" assist victims of violence and their family - a model pioneered at other hospitals. The idea is that reaching out right after someone has been injured reduces the likelihood of violent retaliation and provides a chance for the victim to address some of the circumstances that may have led to their injury.
    Gore started this program at his hospital with a handful of volunteers from KAVI. Today, the effort is a partnership between KAVI and a few other nonprofits, with teams on call 24/7. 
    Yet Gore wanted to prevent people from being violently injured in the first place. So, in 2011, he and his group began working with a handful of at-risk students at a nearby high school. By the end of the year, more than 50 students were involved. Today, KAVI holds weekly workshops for male and female students in three schools, teaching mediation and conflict resolution. The group also provides free mental health counseling for students who need one-on-one support.
    "Violence is everywhere they turn - home, school, neighborhood, police," Gore said. "You want to make sure they can learn how to process, deal with it and overcome it."
    While Gore still regularly attends workshops, most are now led by peer facilitators - recent graduates and college students, some of whom are former KAVI members - who serve as mentors to the students. School administrators say the program has been a success: lowering violence, raising grades and sending many graduates on to college.
    "This is really about the community in which we live" he said. "This is my home. And I"m going to do whatever is possible to make sure people can actually thrive." 

    (Adapted and abridged from http ://

    According to the text, which option is correct?