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Questões de Concursos - Inglês - Exercícios com Gabarito

Questões de Concursos Públicos - Inglês - com Gabarito. Exercícios com Perguntas e Respostas, Resolvidas e Comentadas. Acesse Grátis!

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1 The Canada Revenue Agency continues to modernize
its operations and reduce red tape to enhance services to
Canadians while reducing its overall costs. It is increasingly
4 providing services electronically to make it easier for
Canadians and businesses to interact with the Agency at the
lowest possible cost. By simplifying the way it collects taxes
7 and distributes benefit payments, the Agency will ensure
Canadians and small and medium-sized enterprises receive the
benefits and credits to which they are entitled as efficiently and
10 quickly as possible. In addition, the Agency will leverage the
expertise of tax professionals to improve the effectiveness of its
Comptroller General of Canada. Archived – Budget 2012 (adapted).
Based on text CB1A3-II, judge the following items. 
I The expression “red tape” (l.2) means politically-motivated and inconsistent official procedures. 
II The basic meaning conveyed by “to enhance” (l.2) and to leverage (l.10) can also be found in to better. 
III To be entitled (l.9) is synonymous with to be eligible for. IV The word “overall” (l.3) means in general terms in the text. 
Decide which alternative below is correct.
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According to the text, the Action Plan 2011-2015

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According to lines 1 to 6, all the following issues are likely to be inherent in the tugboating business, EXCEPT

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If a fact "outweighs" (line 21) another one, it is

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For your protection, please read these safety
instructions completely before operating the appliance, and
keep this manual for future reference.

Carefully observe all warnings, precautions and
instructions on the appliance, or the one described in the
operating instructions and adhere to them.

POWER SOURCES - This set should be operated
only from the type of power source indicated on the marking
label. If you are not sure of the type of electrical power supplied
to your home, consult your dealer or local power company. For
those sets designed to operate from battery power, or other
sources, refer to the operating instructions.

OBJECTAND LIQUID ENTRY - Never push objects
of any kind into the set through openings as they may touch
dangerous voltage points or short out parts that could result in
a fire or electric shock. Never spill liquid of any kind on the set.

ATTACHMENTS - Do not use attachmentsnot
recommended by the manufacturer, as they may cause

CLEANING - Unplug the set from the wall outlet
before cleaning or polishing it. Do not use liquid cleaners or
aerosol cleaners. Use a cloth lightly dampened with water for
cleaning the exterior of the set.

OVERLOADING - Do not overload wall outlets,
extension cords or convenience receptacles beyond their
capacity, since this can result in fire or electric shock.

ACCESSORIES - Do not place the set on an
unstable cart, stand, tripod, bracket, or table. The set may
fall, causing serious injury to a child or an adult, and serious
damage to the set. Use only a cart stand tripod, bracket, or
table recommended by the manufacturer.

WATER AND MOISTURE - Do not use power-line
operated sets near water - for example, near a bathtub,
washbowl, kitchen sink, or laundry tub, in a wet basement, or
near a swimming pool, etc.

SERVICING - Do not attempt to service the set
yourself asopening or removing covers may expose you to
dangerous voltage or other hazards. Refer all servicing to
qualified service personnel.

SAFETY CHECK - Upon completion of any service
or repairs to the set, as the service technician to perform
routine safety checks (as specified by the manufacturer) to
determine that the set is in safe operating condition.

(Adapted from SONY manual - Sony Corporation - 2000 - Printed in Japan).

According to the instructions in the manual, the user should not attempt to service the set himself/herself as opening or removing covers may expose him/her to dangerous voltage or other hazards. (paragraph 10 ) According to this guideline, the user:

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According to paragraph 4,

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House Approves Higher Debt Limit Without Condition
Feb. 11, 2014

WASHINGTON - Ending three years of brinkmanship in which the threat of a devastating default on the nation’s debt was used to wring conservative concessions from President Obama, the House on Tuesday voted to raise the government’s borrowing limit until March 2015, without any conditions.
The vote - 221 to 201 - relied almost entirely on Democrats in the Republican-controlled House to carry the measure and represented the first debt ceiling increase since 2009 that was not attached to other legislation. Only 28 Republicans voted yes, and only two Democrats voted no.
Simply by holding the vote, Speaker John A. Boehner of Ohio effectively ended a three-year Tea Party-inspired era of budget showdowns that had raised the threat of default and government shutdowns, rattled economic confidence and brought serious scrutiny from other nations questioning Washington’s ability to govern. In the process, though, Mr. Boehner also set off a series of reprisals from fellow Republican congressmen and outside groups that showcased the party’s deep internal divisions.
During the October 2013 government shutdown, The Times’s David Leonhardt explained the debt limit and how a failure to raise it could have affected the economy both at home and abroad.
"He gave the president exactly what he wanted, which is exactly what the Republican Party said we did not want,” said a Republican representative, Tim Huelskamp of Kansas, who last year unsuccessfully tried to rally enough support to derail Mr. Boehner’s re-election as speaker. “It’s going to really demoralize the base.”
The vote was a victory for President Obama, Democrats and those Senate Republicans who have argued that spending money for previously incurred obligations was essential for the financial standing of the federal government. “Tonight’s vote is a positive step in moving away from the political brinkmanship that’s a needless drag on our economy,” Jay Carney, the White House press secretary, said in a statement.
"A clean debt ceiling is a complete capitulation on the speaker’s part and demonstrates that he has lost the ability to lead the House of Representatives, let alone his own party,” said Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots. “It is time for him to go.”
Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the majority leader, commended the speaker and promised to pass the bill as soon as possible. “We’re happy to see the House is legislating the way they should have legislated for a long time,” he said.

(Adapted from http://www.nytimes.com/2014/02/12/us/politics/ boehner-to-bring-debt-ceiling-to-vote-without-policy- attachments. html?nl=todaysheadlines&emc=edit_th_2014021 2&_r=0)
De acordo com o texto,
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Based on the text above, judge the following items.
In the text,
“volunteers” (Imagem 002.jpg.23) is a noun.
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Mr. Law´s invention

Less than a year ago the judges on the reality programme Dragon´s Den rejected his invention. Now inventor Rob Law is having the last laugh after a product considered "worthless" on the BBC television programme for young entrepreneurs has proved a huge commercial hit. Mr. Law, 29, from Bath, spent 11 years – and 17,000 pounds of his own money – refining his design for a wheelie suitcase which doubles up as a child´s ride-on toy. The plastic Trunki case is designed to allow youngsters aged three to six to take their own bag on holiday – and sit on it when they are tired. But when Mr. Law appeared on Dragons´ Den last September, he was given a hard time by the famously unfriendly panel of investors. Businessman Theo Paphitis ridiculed the product after managing to pull off one of the straps. His colleague Deborah Meadon, head of a holiday firm, declared bluntly that there was no market for the case. And the notoriously brusque tele-communications tycoon Peter Jones declared: "I meet people like you all the time – you think you have something. I tell you, you don´t". The panel declined Mr. Law´s offer to give up 10 percent of his new company in return for a 100,000 pounds investment – an offer which valued the firm at 1 million. However, it now appears that the experts were wrong. After a succession of positive press reviews, Mr. Law has sold 85,000 of his trunki suitcases. It is marketed in 22 countries via a network of distributors. Retailing at 25 pounds, it has proved a hit at several high street stores. Mr Law said: "When I went on to the programme I was full of confidence that I was going to get the investment I needed. But they were rude and obnoxious and just focused on the strap, which was actually something that was easily fixed. I was terrified that by appearing on the programme I may have ruined my company before it even started. But afterwards we had loads of hits on the website from people who said they thought it was a brilliant idea. Now I am absolutely delighted to have proved the Dragons wrong. It just goes to show you should never give up. Mr. Law also revealed that during filming he managed to sell two of the suitcases to Australian panellist Richard Farleigh, who wanted to invest 100,000 pounds in return for half of the company. But Mr. Law rejected the deal. He declined to say exactly how much the company – which is 100% owned by him - is now worth, but said it was more than a million.

(Adapted from New English File Upper, Oxford, 1996)

Peter Jones thought that

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From paragraph 2 we deduce that