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1Questão 29735. Inglês, Guarda Portuário, CODESP SP, VUNESP, Ensino Médio, 2011

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     The ability of a helicopter to hover and land almost anywhere makes it an enormously useful machine. But helicopters have their limitations, particularly when it comes to flying fast. In a recent series of test flights, a new type of chopper has begun smashing speed records.
     The x2 is an experimental helicopter being developed by Sikorsky, an American company, which hopes it will be zipping along at more than 460kph. The company, however, is interested in more than just breaking speed records. It plans to use the technology developed for the x2 in commercial helicopters.
     Sikorsky reckons that future helicopters built using the x2 technology would be extremely versatile machines. They would dash to and from a medical emergency a lot faster. They would also be very agile in flight, which would increase their capabilities in combat.

(Adapted from The Economist September 11, 2010, page 98)
No primeiro parágrafo do texto, a forma verbal land significa

2Questão 19106. Inglês, Aluno do Exército, IME, EB, Ensino Médio, 2014

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Text 1
                        Luis Suárez joins anti-racism calls after Dani Alves banana incident

            The Barcelona defender Dani Alves has sparked a social media campaign against racism in football as support flooded in from fellow professionals for his decision to eat a banana thrown at him by an opposition fan.
            Luis Suárez, Neymar, Hulk, Mario Balotelli and Sergio Agüero were among those who posted pictures of themselves taking bites out of bananas in tribute to Alves actions in his side s La Liga match at Villarreal on Sunday.
            The Fifa president Joseph Blatter has branded the abuse directed at Alves an "outrage" and promised zero tolerance towards discrimination at the World Cup, while Villarreal took swift action by identifying the culprit and handing him a lifetime stadium ban.
            Alves response to the banana being thrown on to the pitch in front of him as he prepared to take a corner was to nonchalantly pick it up, peel it and take a bite before continuing with the game. The 30-year- old, who has been the victim of racist abuse before during his time in La Liga, said: "You need to take these situations with a dose of humour."
       Players across Europe paid homage on Twitter and Instagram, including Suárez, who served an eight-match ban for racially abusing Patrice Evra.
            Alves s Barça and Brazil team-mate Neymar led the way after posting a picture on Instagram of himself holding a banana, while writing "We are all monkeys". Balotelli, Milan"s former Manchester City striker, posted a picture of himself in a similar pose.
            Suárez posted a picture on Twitter of himself and Liverpool team-mate Philippe Coutinho taking bites out of bananas, along with the words: "#SayNoToRacism #WeAreAllMonkeys."
             Barça gave their player their "complete support and solidarity" and thanked Villarreal for their "immediate condemnation" of the incident. Villarreal later revealed they had, with the help of fans, found out who the culprit was, had withdrawn his season ticket and banned him from the El Madrigal stadium for life.

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According to text 1, which of the following is true about Dani Alves racism episode?

3Questão 165442. Inglês, Auditor Fiscal da Receita Federal, Receita Federal, ESAF, 2014

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The IRS Chief Counsel is appointed by the President of the United States, with the advice and consent of the U.S. Senate, and serves as the chief legal advisor to the IRS Commissioner on all matters pertaining to the interpretation, administration, and enforcement of the Internal Revenue Code, as well as all other legal matters. Under the IRS Restructuring and Reform Act of 1998, the Chief Counsel reports to both the IRS Commissioner and the Treasury General Counsel.
Attorneys in the Chief Counsel’s Offce serve as lawyers for the IRS. They provide the IRS and taxpayers with guidance on interpreting Federal tax laws correctly, represent the IRS in litigation, and provide all other legal support required to carry out the IRS mission.
Chief Counsel received 95,929 cases and closed 94,323 cases during fscal year 2012. Of the new cases received, and cases closed, the majority related to tax law enforcement and litigation, including Tax Court litigation; collection, bankruptcy, and summons advice and litigation; Appellate Court litigation; criminal tax; and enforcement advice and assistance.
In Fiscal Year 2012, Chief Counsel received 31,295 Tax Court cases involving taxpayers contesting an IRS determination that they owed additional tax. The total amount of tax and penalty in dispute at the end of the fscal year was almost $6.6 billion.

(Source: Internal Revenue Service Data Book, 2012.)

During fscal year 2012, the Chief Counsel’s offce succeeded in

4Questão 4405. Inglês, Controlador de Tráfego Aéreo, DECEA, CESGRANRIO, Ensino Médio, 2007

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The only word(s) that could NOT replace “nears” in “As the  plane nears the runway” (line 30) is(are):

5Questão 199013. Inglês, Aluno EsPCEx, EsPCEx, EsPCEx, 2011

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Leia o trecho abaixo e responda às questões de 41 a 45.

Brazilian Forces Claim Victory in Gang Haven

RIO DE JANEIRO – In a quick and decisive military operation, Brazilian security forces took control of this city?s most notorious slum on Sunday, celebrating victory over drug gangs after a weeklong battle.
In the early afternoon, the military police raised the flags of Brazil and Rio de Janeiro atop a building on the highest hill in the Alemão shantytown complex, providing a rare moment of happiness and celebration in a decades–long battle to rid this city?s violent slums of drug gangs. An air of calm and relief swept through the neighborhood, as residents opened their windows and began walking the streets. Dozens of children ran from their houses in shorts and bikinis to jump into a swimming pool that used to belong to a gang leader. Residents congregated around televisions in bars and restaurants, cheering for the police as if they were cheering for their favorite soccer teams. "Now the community is ours," Jovelino Ferreira, a 60–year–old pastor, said, his eyes filling with tears. "This time it will be different. We have to have faith. Many people who didn?t deserve have suffered here."

According to the text, Brazilian security forces fought against

6Questão 198854. Inglês, Aluno EsFCEx, EsFCEx, EsFCEx, 2008

Choose the sentence which is grammatically correct.

7Questão 99607. Inglês, Analista Administrativo, ANVISA, CETRO, 2013

Read the text below and choose the alternative that fills in correctly and respectively the blanks.

Treatment & Managing Reactions

Currently, the only way to prevent a food–allergic reaction is to ___________ the problem food. Once you have been diagnosed _________ a food allergy, talk to your doctor ___________ how allergic reactions should be treated. Have your doctor created a written "Food Allergy Action Plan"__________ that you and ___________ will know what to do in the event of a reaction? Mild to moderate symptoms (e.g., itching, sneezing, hives and rashes) are _____________ treated with antihistamines and oral or topical steroids. For patients at risk ____________ experiencing a severe reaction (anaphylaxis), epinephrine is prescribed. Epinephrine is the _____________ medication that can reverse the symptoms of anaphylaxis. It is available in an auto–injector (Auvi–Q?, EpiPen® or Adrenaclick®). If prescribed, use Epinephrine at the first sign of an allergic reaction and call 911. Request an ambulance and tell the dispatchers that you have just used Epinephrine for a suspected food–induced anaphylactic reaction. Patients should always go to the emergency room for further treatment, _____________ if symptoms appear to resolve after Epinephrine is administered.
Treatment & Managing Reactions. Available in:

8Questão 157254. Inglês, Aspirante, ESCOLA NAVAL, EN, 2009

Which is the correct option to complete the text below?
____________(1) last month I spent four days in (2) Angra with
____________(3) cousin from ________________(4) Paraná. Her father is ___________________(5)
uncle of mine who moved to _________________(6) south 2 years ago.

9Questão 102460. Inglês, Interpretação de Textos, Analista Administrativo, BACEN, FCC, 2006

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Atenção: Considere o texto abaixo para responder às questões de números 51 a 60

Imagem 011.jpg
Imagem 012.jpg
Imagem 013.jpg

Segundo o texto,

10Questão 106211. Inglês, Interpretação de Textos, Analista Ambiental Oceanógrafo, Petrobrás, CESGRANRIO, 2008

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Imagem 004.jpg

In the sentence ".while power dams were left behind with a 14.7 percent share." (lines 10-11), the word "while "