Simulado ENEM - Inglês - Exame Nacional do Ensino Médio - 2014

Simulado - ENEM com 3 Questões de Inglês. Prova com Exercícios de Ensino Médio da Banca INEP com Gabarito.

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  • 1 - Q25063.   Inglês - Nível Médio - ENEM - INEP - 2014
  • A Tall Order

    The sky isn’t the limit for an architect building the world’s first invisible skyscraper.

    Charles Wee, one of the world"s leading high-rise architects, has a confession to make: he"s bored with skyscrapers. After designing more than 30, most of which punctuate the skylines of rapidly expanding Asian cities, he has struck upon a novel concept: the first invisible skyscraper.
    As the tallest structure in South Korea, his Infinity Tower will loom over Seoul until somebody pushes a button and it completely disappears.
    When he entered a 2004 competition to design a landmark tower, the Korean-American architect rejected the notion of competing with Dubai, Toronto, and Shanghai to reach the summit of man-made summits. “I thought, let"s not jump into this stupid race to build another ‘tallest’ tower,” he says in a phone conversation. “Let"s take an opposite approach — let"s make an anti-tower.”
    The result will be a 150-story building that fades from view at the flick of a switch. The tower will effectively function as an enormous television screen, being able to project an exact replica of whatever is happening behind it onto its façade. To the human eye, the building will appear to have melted away.
    It will be the most extraordinary achievement of Wee"s stellar architectural career. After graduating from UCLA, he worked under Anthony Lumsden, a prolific Californian architect who helped devise the modern technique of wrapping buildings inside smooth glass skins.

    HINES, N. Disponível em: Acesso em: 13 out. 2013 (adaptado).

    No título e no subtítulo desse texto, as expressões A Tall Order e The sky isn’t the limit são usadas para apresentar uma matéria cujo tema é:
  • 2 - Q25064.   Inglês - Nível Médio - ENEM - INEP - 2014
  • Masters of War

    Come you masters of war
    You that build all the guns
    You that build the death planes
    You that build all the bombs
    You that hide behind walls
    You that hide behind desks
    I just want you to know
    I can see through your masks.

    You that never done nothin’
    But build to destroy
    You play with my world
    Like it"s your little toy
    You put a gun in my hand
    And you hide from my eyes
    And you turn and run farther
    When the fast bullets fly.

    Like Judas of old
    You lie and deceive
    A world war can be won
    You want me to believe
    But I see through your eyes
    And I see through your brain
    Like I see through the water
    That runs down my drain.

    BOB DYLAN. The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan. Nova York: Columbia Records, 1963 (fragmento)

    Na letra da canção Masters of War, há questionamentos e reflexões que aparecem na forma de protesto contra
  • 3 - Q25065.   Inglês - Nível Médio - ENEM - INEP - 2014
  • The Road Not Taken (by Robert Frost)

    Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.

    Disponível em: Acesso em: 29 nov. 2011 (fragmento).

    Estes são os versos finais do famoso poema The Road Not Taken, do poeta americano Robert Frost. Levando-se em consideração que a vida é comumente metaforizada como uma viagem, esses versos indicam que o autor

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