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Simulado: Vestibular IME - Inglês - 2013

Ao Terminar de Resolver o Simulado, Clique em Corrigir para ver o Gabarito. Questões da Prova - Vestibular IME - Inglês - 2013.

203 resolveram
41% acertos
5 gabaritaram
19 ótimo
46 bom
91 regular
47 péssimo

I grew up in Brisbane, Australia, _______ a shady quiet street in the old part of town. 
Using a high-tech kit, the police found a single clue, tracked it _________ and saved the girl. 
In 2013, agents rescued 337 children and took 964 alleged predators __________ the street. 
Thousands gathered at Taksim Square in Turkey to protest the court ________________ on Ethem Sarisülük’s case. Ethem Sarisülük was shot in the head by a policeman during Gezi protests and the murderer was released by the court pending a trial. 
Fat? No way! Jane isn’t fat at all. _______________________, she is quite skinny. 
Not only _____________ his house, but his wife also walked out on him.
If we don’t hurry up, all the best seats ___________. 

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